GSP Tutor Internship – what it is & why you should apply

So – you’re thinking about your next year at university and wondering what you can get involved in to help yourself develop both personally and professionally?  Look no further, the College of Social Sciences (CoSS) Employability Team is currently recruiting new GSP Tutors, and this opportunity might just be what you are looking for!


Now, what is GSP you ask? And what does a GSP Tutor do? Here’s a rundown of what the job entails and why you should apply.

CoSS Employability & Graduate Skills Programme

CoSS Employability is made up of a team of individuals who provide programmes, workshops, and events, to help students make the most of their time at university. The GSP (Graduate Skills Programme) for instance, is designed to help students develop their skills and workplace readiness; as well as reflect on experiences they have already gained, to enhance their employability.

The Role of a GSP Tutor

As a GSP Tutor, you have the opportunity to help other students grow, reflect on their skills and experiences, and become more employable – while at the same time developing and enhancing skills of your own! The role of a GSP tutor ranges from guiding students through their progress in GSP to providing them with feedback on their student ePortfolios.

17 - 144 Humanities Employability Awards,0129

What our current GSP tutors say:

“I gained valuable teaching experience”

“The fact that the job is on-campus is really convenient”

“You have the opportunity to work with lots of different students”

“You work with amazing people, so you’re a part of an excellent team”

17 - 144 Humanities Employability Awards,0485

What are you waiting for?
Visit the Internship Hub website to apply now!

If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to get in touch:


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