My CoSS Story: Rabiha

University of Glasgow Primary Education student Rabiha has great advice to share with other students. We’re so proud of all the work she’s been doing on and off campus alongside her studies! Here’s her #CoSSstory.


“I’m a third year primary education student, doing the undergraduate 5 year Masters Degree. In recent years, I have been very active in the local community; for three years I was a volunteer at a local evening Arabic school, where I helped children aged 5-14 to learn Arabic. Juggling my schoolwork alongside teaching every weekday was a challenge, but I didn’t mind because I was helping young children which is very rewarding. Furthermore, I developed a wide range of skills such as the ability to communicate with a range of individuals ranging from parents to curious members of the community.

This also helped my choose my degree at theĀ University of Glasgow. In my second year at University, I got involved in the Graduate Skills Programme, achieving bronze, silver and gold awards for different elements. After completing the GSP I wanted to help other students get the most out of their experience at University. I joined the College of Social Sciences Mentorship Scheme, which gave me the opportunity of helping six international students settle into the University of Glasgow, and make the most out of their stay. This experience in particular, has made me more culturally aware, and I have enjoyed learning about each individual experience and progress of all my mentees. I was responsible for ensuring that the international students were notified of important information, and I have become good friends with them since they arrived in Glasgow. As a result of both of these experiences, I have become more involved in the University life, and have developed many skills throughout my journey.”

Are you ready to tell your #CoSSstory? Fill in the application form and you could receive the My CoSS Story award.


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