3 ways exams make you more employable

So the exam period is upon us and you’ve probably spent hours this week scouring the library for a seat. With all the pressure of exams and the stress of revising topics you might have not seen in months (exam in May for a semester one course – why!?), this period can seem endless. But the process of preparing for and sitting an exam actually helps you become more employable. Here’s how.

1. You become detail-oriented


Many employers look for graduates who understand the importance of small details, whether it’s remembering a client’s specific preferences or briefing a government minister on the intricacies of a new bill. As a social science student, your exam might require you to analyse a specific question in detail or produce an answer which emphasises certain aspects of your overall topic.

2. You develop time management skills

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In your exam, the clock is literally ticking as you decide on how best to divide up your time. Add this to the fact you’ve only got a few weeks to prepare for a number of different exams, and your ability to juggle competing deadlines and perform in a tight time-frame really begins to show. In a professional environment where you’ll have to maximise what you can achieve in your working day and work to project deadlines, this is a key skill to have.

3. You learn to perform well under pressure


The experience of being in an exam hall and knowing that everything comes down to this one day means you’re no stranger to pressure. Employers need to know you won’t crumble in a pressurised work environment, and that you can stay calm and make good decisions even in stressful situations.

Remember, you got this! You’re more employable than you know 😉

If you’re struggling with exam pressure, support is available. The student bodies run excellent exam de-stress events which you can check out here. You can also find out about more exam support available from the university here. 


Rosie is the CoSS Employability Digital Media and Communications Manager and a current UofG student. Find out more about what she and the rest of the team do.


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